Fabulous Value and Quality Gifts

Giving away branded gifts to your clients and visitors is an excellent idea for corporate branding, but it also needs careful consideration. You need whatever you give away to reflect your brand quality, so cheap and tacky gifts are out of the question. Fortunately, Brandability – the leading name in corporate gifts and clothing in South Africa – has a range of top quality gifts of all kinds that is quite extensive, and also excellent prices like their tote bags

Brandability has been in the business of supplying quality branded goods and clothing for some time, and has a reputation for excellent service in corporate branding The sheer variety is too great to cover here, but needless to say there is bound to be something suitable, no matter the scope or size of your business. Have a look at the Brandability website now for more information on their excellent products, and get your order in for the very best deal in the business.

Great Quality Branded Gifts and Clothing

clothing-brandedFor the very best in quality branded corporate personalized gifts and clothing, look no further than The Promo Group, market leaders in the field. With a choice of many thousands of items across many varied ranges, all known brands and at sensible prices, you can be sure of investing in products that will be welcomed by the recipients, and there are many new ranges being added to the choice at The Promo Group all the time.

If it’s clothing you need then The Promo Group has a tremendous choice of t-shirts, golf shirts and more, with lines for both men and women, and for gifts to give away to visitors at events and functions, there is certain to be something for your requirements, and a handy live chat function means you can talk to someone in real time and take all the advice you need on the best choice of items for you.

Custom Corporate Gifts


Tips On Finding Corporate Custom Gifts

Corporate custom gifts are in vogue despite the fact that almost all industries are suffering from the impact of the worst economic crisis in decades. People running a business understand that they need to keep the customers and the employees (that is, those who are remaining!) happy whether it is recession or no recession. Several gift manufacturers and gift shops claim that the demand for cost-effective gift solutions has increased considerably. That is also to be expected as business heads figure out that even inexpensive types of gifts are better than no gifts at all. Christmas and the New Year are traditionally the occasions to provide gifts. So, here are some tips for providing promotional corporate gifts – both inexpensive and expensive.

Corporate Custom Gift Ideas

Corporate gift giving can be broadly classified into two categories: gifts to customers and gifts to employees. Some of the gifts like calendars and pens can fit into both categories. But if organizations, and not people, are your customers, then you need to think of something different as gifts. Ideally whatever gift you choose, it should display your company name and logo prominently. Corporate custom gifts serve the purpose of not only a gift but also a medium for advertisement.

A commonly used gift, particularly during year-ends, is calendars. It serves all the requirements of an ideal gift. The company name, logo, and even its products can be prominently displayed on the calendar. Also, it can be provided to almost all types of customers and can be produced in bulk quantities to reduce costs. There are several ways to create custom-made calendars. There are big broadsheet calendars that are hung on the wall or compact stand-alone calendars and year-planners that can be placed on the table. The only disadvantage for calendar as corporate personalized gifts is that a customer will get a lot of calendars every year. Yours has to stand out in terms of both design and paper quality to get noticed.

Pens and pen carriers are most common inexpensive corporate custom gifts. If you do not want to give ordinary pen as a gift you can opt for highlighter pen or dual-mode pen – that is one with both normal pen and highlighter. The space for imprinting the company name and logo is minimal on a pen. But in the case of a table-top pen carrier, the company name and logo can be prominently displayed.

Computer-related gift items are greatly appreciated by people these days. Mouse pads are suitable items as corporate custom gift. If you can provide a mouse pad with a calculator or some other similar accessory (what about a mobile phone rest?), it will greatly enhance the company’s reputation and goodwill among the customers. CD cases are also attractive gift accessories.

The real value of corporate gift giving lies not on the retail price of the gift article, but on how the gift creates an impression on the minds of the people who receive it. So you have to try to give something that customers or employees find useful. Corporate custom gifts can be expensive items like table fans, bags, watches and clocks or inexpensive items like staplers.